My breastfeeding wardrobe

As a follow up to My Maternity Wardrobe posts last year I thought I would do one on breastfeeding.

I am pleased and lucky that breastfeeding is going really well with Baby Girl as it did with the Boy, I love feeding her and seeing her calm face and fluttering eyelashes while her soft palm rests against my chest. It feels so special knowing that I am literally keeping her alive and growing. I have never minded feeding in public as a screaming baby has always trumped my desire for privacy however I’m not an exhibitionist so I have tried to get some tops which will give me easy access for feeding along with a bit of modesty.

I have two tops from Mothercare which I bought online and although they are nice tops, for breastfeeding they are rubbish. They have a two layered design and you access the breast through the side of the bottom layer whilst leaving the top layer down. However the connection of the two layers mean the top layer rides up my back. Apart from the fact it is pretty chilly to expose bare skin at the moment I have just given birth and do not want to show off this area anyway!!

I love shirt type tops which can open easily as I can just wear a cardigan over the top or a scarf to cover me while feeding although it can be a bit of a faff trying to undo buttons. I assume that Baby Girl isn’t the only baby who doesn’t understand the concept of patience yet? I don’t like tops which you have to lift up over the baby’s head as I want to watch her while she is feeding.

I was provided with a top from Love Milk to review and I am so relieved to have finally found a practical AND pretty breastfeeding top to wear.

It is the Brigitte top in Watermelon and is made with 100% organic cotton which is super soft even after lots of washes and is lovely and thick which is great in the winter weather. It is a nice length so I have been wearing it with jeans or leggings and the bright colour is really nice to brighten up an outfit. The top fits really nicely but is also a bit slouchy which is perfect for disguising my mummy tummy, its very very comfortable to wear.

The design is very simple, the top has extra big armholes which mean you can pull it across to feed baby which means you expose much less skin than many pull down or lift up tops. The only downside to this is that the armholes are quite big so if you don’t wear anything on top of it you can see your bra from the side. Overall this has not put me off the product as it is a minor downside compared to other tops. In addition, as its winter I wear a cardigan on top of it and it hides the gap. Although I plan to breastfeed for a while I don’t think you need this excuse to buy this top as I will be wearing mine after I have finished feeding too.

The Love Milk top is far and away the best breastfeeding top I have and I have worn it constantly since receiving it, when it is in the wash I am sulking about the less inferior top I am wearing that day. To stop this I have just bought two more tops from Love Milk!

I was given this top for free to review but all opinions are my own.

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