Behaviours of the Boy

The Boy is ever so cute, I adore watching him play, eat, drink or just sleep. He does everything with a kind of concentration and effort that  makes you feel as though each action is important and has a purpose. Adults don’t do this, we seem to go through everyday life without really thinking as if we are taking our ability to do the simplest things for granted. He doesn’t understand the concept of embarrassing yet; he doesn’t mind stripping off in public, he sings loudly and proudly to anyone who will listen and he declares publicly that “I love you mummy” (my personal favourite). Its a shame we all become so self conscious and lose this side (apart from the stripping off in public of course!).

Although I know he will one day better Einstein and Hawkins in the intellectual world, he’s not quite there yet and here are a couple of my favourite boy-isms:

  • His hide and seek skills aren’t top notch yet, he goes by the rule of if I cover my eyes and close them really tight and I can’t see you, then this must be an excellent place to hide.
  • When he washes his hands his towel drying methods are very concentrated and I can see him thinking if I squeeze this towel really hard it will dry the other side of my hands without even touching them.

I know one day he will lose this adorable innocence however hard I wish for it to stay, so now I must put them in the memory bank to recall them when he is soon outwitting me.

One Response

  1. Ahh that’s so cute!
    My little boy has developped in his hide and seek skills now – made me jump the other day when he poped out from behind the living room door!

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