Kids breakfast ideas

I recently went to the dentist and was having a chat with him about how best to look after the Boys (and soon Baby Girls) teeth. I have had so many fillings and I would love to help my children to avoid them as far as possible. He said that we should try to avoid any foods where sugar is one of the first three ingredients. Never one to ignore a challenge, when I got home I started scouring the cupboards for the guilty parties (except chocolate and biscuits of course which are exempt from scrutiny).   Continue reading

Caserio del Mirador review

We visited Caserio del Mirador in August 2010 with the Boy. I wrote this review shortly after but thought I would share it with you now on here in case you are looking for a fantastic family friendly holiday. Continue reading

Constructing a Quinny Moodd – in photos

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My Baby Girl is….

13 weeks today.

Utterly gorgeous.

Loving raspberries on her neck.

Not quite able to giggle yet but I can see she is trying.

More and more aware of the world and interested in everything.

Being a cheeky madam whilst feeding and keeps pulling off to grin at me just to show me who’s boss.

Driving me crazy by waking up anytime between 5.30am and 7.30am – there is a big difference!

Very happy, chatty and smiley if she has a good nap, which thankfully now she usually does.

Soft, warm and very very strokeable.

Loud when she cries.

Impatient and will not listen to reason.

Getting bigger everyday,

Losing her hair at the back where she rubs it in her sleep.

Growing out of 0-3 month babygros.

Able to melt my heart when I wake her up and she gives me this amazing smile which seems to be saying “wow, its you again and that makes me happy”.



Silent Sunday


Thomas in Charge – Review and Competition.

Well, of course its not Thomas in Charge in our house but its the Boy and boy how he reins over this house. He is adorable of course but has the energy of a 3 year old (go figure) so peace and quiet time – or more accurately Baby Girl feeding time without her being bashed in the head with Buzz Lightyear, a book or other seemingly innocent household objects which can in fact be used as weapons – consists of TV, blanket and a transfixed Boy. Continue reading