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I recently went to the dentist and was having a chat with him about how best to look after the Boys (and soon Baby Girls) teeth. I have had so many fillings and I would love to help my children to avoid them as far as possible. He said that we should try to avoid any foods where sugar is one of the first three ingredients. Never one to ignore a challenge, when I got home I started scouring the cupboards for the guilty parties (except chocolate and biscuits of course which are exempt from scrutiny).  What surprised me was that sugar was a top three ingredient in almost all of our breakfast cereals. Although the Boy used to just eat porridge, recently we allowed him to choose his own and he was attracted to the bright colours and pretty pictures on Rice Crispies – aren’t Kelloggs clever! Into the bin they went and I trotted off to Waitrose and bought some gluten free, sugar free, personality free puffed rice alternative. It was expensive but not a patch on private dentists today so I viewed it as a long term investment. Unfortunately, as with most healthy foods, it looks boring and it tastes like chewing cardboard so I wasn’t surprised when the Boy wasn’t overly keen – nor was I.

In an attempt to make things healthy but tasty I have been on a breakfast mission recently. Here are the latest breakfasts we have had:

  • No added sugar muesli with fresh fruit juice and pouring yoghurt – we tried pomegranate and strawberry juice today which went down well.
  • Hot porridge with sugar free jam (I buy apricot and strawberry as a little of both looks pretty on top) or dried fruit.
  • Wholemeal bread with mashed banana and honey (my favourite breakfast as a child).
  • Baked beans on wholemeal toast.
  • Eggs and soldiers.
  • Porridge oats soaked overnight in fruit juice and plain yoghurt

And if the Boy really really wants some unhealthier cereals, which we do have in because these rules don’t apply to adults, then I will give him a little mixed with a healthy alternative as a filler like porridge oats or cardboard puffed rice.

Please let me know if you have any breakfast ideas as I like to mix it up a bit.

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  1. Scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast are very hard to beat!

  2. My two love porridge, I’d never have thought of soaking it in fruit juice and plain yoghurt. I bet it tastes like a pudding! Must try that one! :O)

  3. Ready Brek is sugar and salt free and is yummy with fruit compote/puree instead of sugar, and weetabix is healthy sugar wise too and yummy with banana/yoghurt. I am determined not to go down the sugary cereals route as my little boy gets enough sugary treats when he gets to eat a Grandad biscuit with Mummy as a treat! there is far too much unnecessary sugar in cereals!

  4. So glad I found this post: some great ideas. Can’t go wrong with a breakfast smoothie either. G likes ones with banana, oatbran, natural yoghurt, and honey. x

  5. Great suggestions. My child loves boiled eggs although doesn’t like the yolk so naturally healthy LA style! He adores porridge too. Sugared cereals are a nightmare for blood sugar levels!!

  6. It is frightening how many products aimed at children as young as 4 months contain such high amounts of sugar, good luck with your challenge and thanks for the ideas !

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