Come back sunshine

This past week has been lovely with the sunshine tempting us into that summer feeling and hopefully a taste of what is to come. Or not. Torrential rain today and plummeting temperatures are keeping us firmly in April but for a whole week it was great.

The Man went to the tip to dispose of all the crap we pile in the garden over the winter, I pulled out the gazillion stinging nettles and other weeds that even I can’t kill (I do not think I have ever managed to keep a plant alive), we purchased a new lawn mower as our old one died at the end of last summer and a swingball which I can already see is a great investment. Even during the torrential rain today the Boy kept asking “can I go and play swingball”. He is doing a tennis course this week and he’s got the bug.

We still have some work to do on the garden a new fence for one side of the garden and some new garden furniture would be nice but there always seems to be something to do. I really fancy some rattan furniture as it seems to be more comfortable than the wooden bench set we have now and the Man and I try to barbeque outside whenever we can in the summer.  I love having barbeque parties, there is something so English about sitting outside in the late evening sun and drinking a glass of pimms whilst tearing apart a chicken leg or spare rib. I will be posting some of my favourite barbeque recipes over the summer (summer being when it is sunny, not necessarily only in the technical summer months!) so keep an eye out.

For now I may be fishing the winter coats back out of the cellar but I hope to be taking more pictures like this soon…

Check out this website for a lovely selection of garden and patio furniture, it has a big selection of nice looking stuff.

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