Silent Sunday

Transforming clutter: clear out your old cards

Greeting cards are fun to receive, but do you ever wonder what to do with them afterwards? It’s difficult to throw them away because of the sentiment they carry, but you don’t want to just keep them stashed away in an old shoe box, either. Here are a few craft ideas that help you make use of your greeting cards. Continue reading

Baby Girl 6 months on

My beautiful princess is getting so big. I can’t keep up with how fast it has all flown by. When you are experiencing something so amazing as watching a child grow you can never imagine you will forget all those little moments of joy but sadly the memories fade quickly. This is one of the reasons I started blogging, to record those special moments and everyday moments that melt my heart. Continue reading


I would love to hear your opinion on this product. I will not give mine yet as I am curious to see unprompted reactions. Thanks

Silent Sunday


Turners Restaurant, Birmingham

On Saturday the Man and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary with a trip to Turners restaurant in Harborne, a lovely suburb of Birmingham just up the road from our free babysitting service (Grandparents!).

Turners is located on Harborne High Street, which like most High Streets now is getting a bit shabbier than in days gone by, so it is quite surprising to find a michelin star restaurant sandwiched between a charity shop and a hairdressers. It is a very small restaurant with about 10 tables but nicely laid out with smart decor. On a Saturday night the only menu option is a £75 8 course tasting menu, so arrive hungry. Continue reading


Everyone remembers their first love or rather, their first obsession. Mine was Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block. Just writing his name brings back memories of scrawling it over and over in my notepads preceded by Mrs. I was head over heels and watched their tour video over and over. When New Kids on the Block split up I was devastated. So devastated that I never again allowed myself to become so engrossed in a band. While my friends were crying over the Take That split some years later I just nodded wisely and berated them for their naivety. Fools. Continue reading