Everyone remembers their first love or rather, their first obsession. Mine was Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block. Just writing his name brings back memories of scrawling it over and over in my notepads preceded by Mrs. I was head over heels and watched their tour video over and over. When New Kids on the Block split up I was devastated. So devastated that I never again allowed myself to become so engrossed in a band. While my friends were crying over the Take That split some years later I just nodded wisely and berated them for their naivety. Fools.

My first love

Roll on almost 20 years and NKOTB have reformed, sure they are men in their forties but that didn’t stop a little shiver of excitement running through me at the thought of rekindling those simpler days when I could pretend I was Mrs Jordan Knight and write my future name all over my bedroom wall. Sorry Mum! To make things a little bit more exciting, the Backstreet Boys joined forces too and I was treated to a proper pop concert.

The songs were catchy and fun and it was a real singalong concert. I was very impressed with the dancing considering they aren’t spring chickens and there were a few swooning women who got taken on stage to be serenaded. NKOTBSB seemed like fun people who really enjoyed recapturing their days of glory and sharing it with us, the excitable mood was infectious.  Songs I haven’t heard in almost 20 years came flooding back and I still knew every word. It was so much fun and I squealed like a little kid, especially when Jordan was on stage!

I received tickets for this event through Superbreak Visit London although all reviews are my own. For similar events please visit the Superbreak website and see their shows in London

3 Responses

  1. Tonnes of my friends went to their concert and had a blast. Can’t believe they are now in their 40’s! Looks fun.

  2. Oh my I loved them I had a tour jacket and everything, I was going to be Mrs Joey Mc

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