I would love to hear your opinion on this product. I will not give mine yet as I am curious to see unprompted reactions. Thanks

5 Responses

  1. They all look a little wooden….

  2. I think the toy itself is fine, but the title is awful “ethnic family” indeed. Why not just doll family? But perhaps that is why its at TKMaxx that John Crane withdrew that packaging. (I’m assuming, I recognise the bar code)

  3. Hmm like Kylie, no problem with a black doll family but the product name is rubbish. Also, what is the ‘branching out’ stuff about? I just looked to see what other sets they have and there is a whole range – black, chinese, tidlo (whatever that might be), modern but the basic white family is just labelled Doll Family which seems presumptuous. Mich x

  4. I agree with Michelle and Kylie, I couldn’t care less whether the dolls are pink, yellow, blue, green, sky blue with pink spots on, but why is the white family just labelled doll family when you’re putting such specifics on other doll families in order to differenciate? Either call them the white family or differenciate between all of them in a different way.

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