Baby Girl 6 months on

My beautiful princess is getting so big. I can’t keep up with how fast it has all flown by. When you are experiencing something so amazing as watching a child grow you can never imagine you will forget all those little moments of joy but sadly the memories fade quickly. This is one of the reasons I started blogging, to record those special moments and everyday moments that melt my heart.

Baby Girl is an angel, an impatient and distractable angel. She is very laid back and will happily sit in her buggy and watch the world for a couple of hours but she does not like being held for very long . If you try to give her a cuddle she will soon be arching her back to get away from you, onto the floor or into her buggy (except being strapped in) to watch the world go by. We are still breastfeeding but it is not her top priority any more, if there is the slightest hint of something interesting going on, especially if that something interesting is 3 years old and a barrel of energy, she will pull off and twist her body to see, sometimes she latches back on for a second or two but usually she screams at me to get her upright. She’s funny!

She loves her food and rocks her body back and forth to let me know she is ready for more (we are BLW and spoon feeding some things) but she gets quite impatient if the food doesn’t come quickly enough or if she can’t manoeuvre it around in her mouth easily, her one tooth does help things but some foods are still frustrating her.  Her favourite foods are yoghurt, fruit, hummus and broccoli.

She has this fantastic Bollywood style head bopping dance that she does all day long. It’s sometimes accompanied by what I like to call her “crab dance” where she has her arms out as if she was giving a cuddle and opens and closes them. I like to hold her close and put her arms over my shoulders to pretend she is giving me a cuddle.

Baby Girl loves her sleep and rather than fighting it like the Boy did, she embraces it and gets very upset if she doesn’t get put down for a nap. I think she is a very light sleeper though, I stopped giving her the 10pm dreamfeed last week but still pop in before I go to bed to say goodnight and she always wakes up but thankfully goes back to sleep again without any help. I can count on one hand the number of times she has been asleep when I go into her room, be it the morning or nap time, as soon as she hears the door handle turn she is awake.

The biggest joy I get from my beautiful princess is watching her face light up when the Boy is around. He is the only one who is guaranteed to get her to stop crying and start giggling. They are already co-conspirators, laughing at me together when Baby Girl pulls her bib off and rubs hummus hands down her front. The Boy is very sweet with her, he is her spokesperson if I ask her a question, a very high pitched spokesperson but I think he has her best interests at heart. They already seem to have a relationship inside which I don’t exist, this makes me feel so happy but also a bit envious of them.

Baby Girl is a talker, she is constantly babbling and blowing raspberries, much more so than I remember the Boy doing. It must be a female thing! She also seems slightly quicker in her physical development than the Boy was, she sits well already and is almost using the pincer grip to eat food.

I feel so blessed with my two beautiful children and I am so happy at how Baby Girl has slotted into our family unit, she is my other superstar!

11 Responses

  1. your little girl is absolutely gorgeous & sounds so much like my eldest, he was always happy to just sit & play on the floor & loved his sleep & food. My youngest is completely the opposite!

  2. She is super sweet!

  3. She’s adorable x

  4. beautiful!

  5. aww its lovely that she loves her brother too. so sweet, it doesnt seem five minutes since my boy was that small.

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