Find the Rhyme with TopToyBox

The Boy is a genius, at least I think so (as does the Man)! He doesn’t really enjoy playing with toys for any length of time and has always been more interested in books and more lately the TV and computers (sigh). About six months ago he suddenly “got” jigsaws and since then there has been no stopping him. He has single handedly completed a 150 piece jigsaw for ages 8+ (my chest is proudly puffed out writing that).

When TopToyBox asked me to review their Find the Rhyme puzzle from Orchard Toys it was perfect timing as the Boy has suddenly learnt about rhyming words. Which is great, as you can rhyme anything (as long as you’re not too picky about them being real words) – poo schmoo being a great combo. I never knew there were so many things that you could rhyme onto a puzzle though.

First Impressions

As with all Orchard Toys the puzzle comes in a very sturdy box which is great for tidying things away at the end of the day and the Boy was immediately attracted by the bright colours and numerous pictures. The puzzle is made of quite big pieces which is great for little hands and they fit together easily.

Road Testing

I was concerned that the puzzle might not have many rhymes on and be a bit easy for the Boy but it is packed with them and it kept us entertained for quite a while, trying to discover all of them. Some were quite tricky to decipher but we had great fun trying the different combinations (farmers in pyjamas had us struggling for ages!).

I really like the educational guide on the back of the box which gives you ideas as to how to use the puzzle in different ways, such as discussing the actual positioning of the items, not just naming them (star in a jar, fly on a pie etc). The puzzle is called a Talkabout Floor Puzzle and I think this is a great idea for pre-school children and their parents as you can not only enjoy the puzzle as a puzzle but it also enables you to chat about the different things you see.

The best way of showing you how well this puzzle works really is in this video which we made, starring the one and only Boy!


  • Well made toy, bright and colourful and looks interesting.
  • Comes in a good sturdy box for tidying afterwards.
  • It is full of rhymes so it really gets you looking and talking, great for interacting with your child.
  • Fantastic educational guide on the back of the box for more ways to play with it.

I was provided with this toy to review but as always, all opinions are our own.

2 Responses

  1. Great review might pick one of these up 🙂

  2. Great Toy, will defiantly have a further look at this!

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