Where does the time go?

When you’re a child time seems to go so slowly, birthdays and Christmas feel like they only come once a year and that’s a LONG time! As an adult time seems to creep up on me and surprise me how quickly it passes, and Christmas and birthdays may still only be once a year but the feel almost squashed together now. Don’t get me started on the unfairness of this and the fact that I should have listened to my parents when they told me that childhood is the best time of your life (in terms of appreciating time and not getting old anyway!)

The Boy started school three weeks ago and Baby Girl can now speak in 3 word sentences, albeit they all contain the word “no”. I am 32 years old. 32!!! That’s more than halfway to 60.

I feel torn between wanting to stop time still, keep my babies as babies and live in this moment because I’m enjoying it so much but on the other hand I love watching them grow and develop and see how my marriage, family and life grows too and without the passing of time this isn’t possible.

After Baby Girl was born I spent a whole day crying about the fact that my babies would grow up and leave home one day. Granted, this was a hormone fuelled post-natal breakdown and now with the benefit of rationality I can see that there are so many great things to look forward to about this but sometimes I still feel a little sinking inside at the fact that they will turn into adults and they won’t be mine anymore.

So for now, lets enjoy each moment and hope that some of them can stay in the memory bank to be taken out and cherished when I am all alone with my cats.


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  1. Love it!! Your post is my internal monologue every day. I look at my little guys smiling face as he kicks a ball or his long eyelashes as he sleeps, I can only think how much I’ll miss him one day!! I’m still debating on whether I will have cats or three legged dogs when that day comes…

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