Birth Story – Part 2

Hello again, it is now 6.15pm on the 6th November and our baby has been with us for 12 whole hours. I am very shattered and not overly in the mood for a blog post but I really want to get everything down before I forget it.

So I left off with the Man taking the Boy to the house of the One He Loves and as usual he was a superstar as he went straight to bed in her room, having never spent a night there before so I was pleasantly surprised when the Man was back home within 15 minutes. Continue reading

Birth story – Part 1

So I am sitting here at 2am on the 6th November and having contractions which are getting more regular and more painful. While I wait for things to really hot up I thought I would write down what has happened so far, I doubt I will have much time thereafter! Continue reading

7 words

Doing it all for Aleyna has just posted a blog meme called 7 words. This is a momentous day for me so I thought it worth posting something and I do have trouble being succinct so in this meme I have no choice. Here is how I am feeling right now in 7 words:

“Only 30, not even halfway yet, result”


20 week scan

The Man and I went to the hospital on Monday morning for my 20 week scan (I was actually 21+3 but we had missed it at 20 weeks as we were on holiday), we were both fairly relaxed as I had been feeling Poppy kick for a couple of weeks so we knew it was definitely there but of course there was a little worry that everything wouldn’t be perfect. The sonographer said the usual “I will scan you first and take a look and then let you see” during which time your heart beats like a drum and you think you’ve imagined every movement, but luckily this only lasted for about 10 seconds and we quickly saw our babys heart beating like a drum on the screen. It was awesome.

Apparently it has arms, legs, hands, feet, a heart with 4 chambers with blood going in and out, a head with a brain, no cleft lip, kidneys and thanks to a close up of its face we even know it has a tongue! Poppy is alive and well and as far as they can tell to date, perfectly formed. I decided I want a surprise version so we didn’t find out the sex, the Man wanted to find out but readily agreed to my decision when I glared at him with evil pregnancy hormoned eyes. I cannot wait to find out, but for now I am enjoying guessing using the old wives tales.

It was a lovely time for us and we came away with big grin and excitement at what the future holds. So here Poppy is (its the head and chest in case you can’t figure it out!)


Poppy at 21+3

A Ranty Piece – Part 1

I am quite a chilled out person but of course I do get riled up by certain things. In order to expunge these incidents from my mind I need to Rant (note the capital letter as they are an event). Ask the Man who has been the victim of many a Rant (and causer of lots too) but after 8 years together he now knows to sit back, pretend he is listening for the duration of the Rant – on average 5-10 minutes – and thereafter nod in agreement. Although my blog is generally positive I thought I would start a new element called A Ranty Piece and make it a regular slot to get off my chest those things that really do bug me. I hope you will not be offended by my Rants and would love comments, agreeing or disagreeing with my current bone. Here goes.

Rant One – people who don’t know how to queue

Queuing is an art form, I don’t know if it was created by the British but it has been perfected by the British and is an intrinsic part of our society. We understand that if you arrive before someone else you have earned the right to be ahead of them and it has nothing to do with the size or pointyness of your elbows. We accept that if we arrive late we just have to suffer the consequences and moan inwardly about the clever buggers who managed to be there in time to join the front of the queue.

I just don’t think the rest of the world gets it and whilst usually I can embrace the cultural differences that separate Brits from other nationalities, this is one area that leaves me frustrated and Ranty.  The turmoil of deciding whether to push forward with the crowd or to remain true to my queueing roots leaves me umming and aahing for so long I am left at the back despite arriving a good 10 minutes in advance to secure my spot. In googling “how to queue” I came across this very delightful guide by an Etiquette Advisor which was written as part of the Immigration Test for new citizens in the UK  (I’ll leave you to judge the necessity of this). Perhaps we should post a guide in the airports too for all international arrivals,  right by the passport queue which seems to take forever!

>I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it

>I would like to continue the words to the Crunchie advert here but I have completely gone off chocolate since finding out I am PREGNANT. Yay yay yay. If you remember one of my first blog posts was about having a miscarriage on Christmas Day 2010 so you can imagine how over the moon I was this morning at our 12 week scan to see a beautiful, if slightly alien looking, baby with a really real live heartbeat.

I am due on the 4th of November as I know when I conceived (I was charting, which is a whole other post) but the hospital keep dating me at the 2nd because of my period dates, which is quite funny as that is the day DS was due 3 years ago. The Man is already taking about “birthday party economies of scale”. My nuchal scan risk is 1 in 8092, not quite as low as the Boy’s (1 in 24,515) but I still wouldn’t bet on that horse!

I already have quite a bump thanks to the Boy who all but ruined my stomach muscles but more than makes up for it in cuddles and kisses. The Boy is quite excited about Poppy, so named because it was the size of a poppy seed when I found out I was pregnant (the Boy was called Peanut), and tells us he wants a brother called Sister or a sister called Brother. I am not entirely sure he gets the concept as he told me the other day that he has a Poppy in his belly button. I assured him that his was merely from eating so much ice cream!

So now my blog becomes a parenting and a pregnancy one. I am very excited to be able to use this medium to keep updated on my pregnancy. Coming up next, Bump Watch!

>New to blogging

>Righty-ho, a friend of mine has instructed me that Blogging is the “thing to do”. It also seems like a good time to start something new as I am disconcerted with life at the moment and need a change.

I am a mum to a two year old delightful but monsterous boy and work 3.5 days a week in London for a bank. Needless to say this combination is tiring, rewarding, challenging, frustrating and a whole host of other feelings that leave me reeling every day. To work or not to work, that is the question. Of course the bills and mortgage account have one answer but I prefer the other. Don’t get me wrong, I like my job (barring the frustrating side-lining as a “part-timer” since returning from maternity leave) but its so darn hard sometimes to juggle the demands of a job whilst paying an extortionate fee to a (lovely) childminder to have lots of fun with MY son.

We would also love to have baby number two and it was a particularly hard holiday season for us in December as I had an early miscarriage on Christmas Day leaving us reeling with sadness and shock rather than sharing our exciting news with the family as planned. My gorgeous boys (husband and son) made the day a success, one with his support and the other with his demands of “open mummy, open” and “happy kisstmas everybody”. Although the priority was having another baby to complete our family, I was relieved with the fact I could have another period of maternity leave to reassess my options and remove the stresses of working for a while so with that not in sight anymore the thinking cap is back on.

I think that is enough for an opening post, if you have read, thank you!