Everyone remembers their first love or rather, their first obsession. Mine was Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block. Just writing his name brings back memories of scrawling it over and over in my notepads preceded by Mrs. I was head over heels and watched their tour video over and over. When New Kids on the Block split up I was devastated. So devastated that I never again allowed myself to become so engrossed in a band. While my friends were crying over the Take That split some years later I just nodded wisely and berated them for their naivety. Fools. Continue reading

In the Night Garden Live

Last week we went to In the Night Garden Live with the Boy and his friend (J) at Old Deer Park in Richmond. Arriving at the event was a bit like entering a spacecraft as it was held in a purpose made theatre which looked like a giant bubble. With a huge INTG balloon swaying outside the Boy and J found a sudden burst of energy and peeled towards the door. Continue reading

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Millets Farm and Maize Maze

We have just returned from a lovely day out at Millets Farm and Maize Maze. I am knackered and content as the Boy is in bed after saying “I have a fun time today” and I am going to treat myself to my weekly glass of wine and go to bed early. But first, the key details: Continue reading