>Save the world but not your marriage

>Ingredients: Husband, Child, Reusable Nappies

When I was pregnant with the Boy, one thing was clear to me, that I didn’t want to use disposable nappies as I couldn’t believe the statistic that the first ever disposal nappy still hasn’t degraded, and won’t do until it is 200 years old!! Multiply that by the amount of babies in the UK and the amount of nappies they use and that is a shit lot of nappies (I don’t usually swear but it just seemed appropriate here).

From a young age I remember my mum taking me to the recycling bank and exchanging a big bag of tin cans for some coppers and whilst at the time I found it tiresome and embarrassing she must have gotten to me. These days, not only do I use reusable nappies and recycle where I can (although that is much more commonplace these days), in my job I work solely with renewable energy projects.

Having said that, my desire to us reuseable nappies has taken its toll on my marriage as the Man hates the nappies with a passion – to be fair they stink and are often covered in faeces – and glares at me while he has to scrape the poo into the toilet bowl. We have other recycling related relationship issues as I love to collect the cans and bottles but make him take them to the tip, but I don’t want to go to the tip… stamps feet. We have reached a compromise which pains me, at night we use *gasp* disposables, although they are Nature Babycare which are biodegradable.

When Fill Your Pants offered me a chance to test the Smartipants one size nappy I jumped at the chance to add to my ever increasing collection because I am slightly obsessed with finding the prettiest, slimmest fitting, most absorbent and longest lasting nappy.

The Smartipants is a one sized nappy which means you can use it from birth to potty training (I believe the experts call this a BTP nappy) this is great if you are looking for the most cost efficient way of using reusables as you only make one investment to last throughout the nappy years. My chief tester, the Boy, is 27 months and it fitted him quite well but I think it would easily last until he is 3. The poppers are easy to use and make the nappy quite slim fitting. I was very surprised when I received it to find there was only one, very slim insert (the absorbent bit that goes in the middle) as it didn’t look like the nappy would last very long but I was wrong, it actually lasted as well as some others which have very bulky inserts. A real positive is that the drying time is quick compared to a lot of other nappies. The colours are nice but a bit plain for my liking – I prefer bright colours or patterns but only let that worry you if you are a poser like me!

But I must thank my beautiful Man who, despite all his protestations, does go to the tip for me and begrudgingly supports my nappy addiction. I am in no doubt that it is thanks to him the marriage is still alive and well.