Silent Sunday

Turners Restaurant, Birmingham

On Saturday the Man and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary with a trip to Turners restaurant in Harborne, a lovely suburb of Birmingham just up the road from our free babysitting service (Grandparents!).

Turners is located on Harborne High Street, which like most High Streets now is getting a bit shabbier than in days gone by, so it is quite surprising to find a michelin star restaurant sandwiched between a charity shop and a hairdressers. It is a very small restaurant with about 10 tables but nicely laid out with smart decor. On a Saturday night the only menu option is a £75 8 course tasting menu, so arrive hungry. Continue reading

Kids breakfast ideas

I recently went to the dentist and was having a chat with him about how best to look after the Boys (and soon Baby Girls) teeth. I have had so many fillings and I would love to help my children to avoid them as far as possible. He said that we should try to avoid any foods where sugar is one of the first three ingredients. Never one to ignore a challenge, when I got home I started scouring the cupboards for the guilty parties (except chocolate and biscuits of course which are exempt from scrutiny).   Continue reading

Easy biscuit making activity (and lots of fun!)

I love to bake and I love to eat so I am really pleased the Boy seems to enjoy both of these things too. We have discovered a really easy biscuit recipe which makes a playdoh type consistency which means they can be moulded and shaped by little hands and shoved with chocolate buttons / raisins / hundreds and thousands before being cooked for a very quick 10 minutes. They really are biscuits and not chewy cookies but they are yummy. Continue reading

Cooking up a storm in a teacup

The Man and I love anything to do with food – cooking, shopping, eating and kitchen gadgets. We will happily spend hours in the kitchen at the weekend cooking up a storm although it does get a bit frustrating as our kitchen was made in the early 1900’s for what I can only assume were skinny midgets. Fitting two people in there is a nightmare and the cupboards are so darn full something is either smashed or one of us is bashed on the head by a falling object on a weekly basis. Continue reading

Guest Post – Aggie MacKenzie’s Easy Recipes for Kids

This is the first ever guest post which appears on my Blog, another first for me! Aggie approached me about this and offered a post which included some recipes for kids. Always on the lookout for something new to cook with the Boy, and fitting in with my love of Food I thought it would be a good match. I hope you like it.

Continue reading

Mushroom recipe

I find mushrooms a bit boring on their own, kind of like aubergines or courgettes but they are fantastic at soaking up flavours and add a few to them and they become delicious and a star in their own right. I’m not a vegetarian but sometimes I like vegetarian meals and this is one of my favourites and oh so easy. Continue reading

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday