Reliving the newborn stage

Today I am 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant, therefore avoiding any unforeseen scenarios involving stubborn foetuses unwilling to vacate the premises, within 6 weeks there will be a new person in our lives and living with us in the outside world.

This prospect both excites and petrifies me. Continue reading

Day Two – a day of two halves

>This morning started with lots of promise, two accidents yesterday and I was confident we could crack on today with even more success. And that’s how it started out. I put him on the potty less but by lunchtime we’d had 3 successful visits and no accidents. They were all when I sat him on the potty, not quite as impressive as Pixie (SuperAmazingMum’s little girl) who marched up our stairs and tried to sit on the toilet without telling anyone and did about 5 wees in the space of 3 hours, but I was proud.

Then what happened, well I’m not quite sure as I had to do a conference call and left the Man in charge. I don’t want to be throwing any blame about but of course in my head I am wondering “what if” – two accidents in the space of an hour. To make things even more challenging, since then he really doesn’t want to sit on the potty. He has been cajoled onto it with made up stories and some TV but nothing has been produced and he keeps saying “don’t like potty”. So I am at a bit of a loss, I heaped praise on him before bed for his marvellous day (because overall it was) and told him that tomorrow we would wear pants again, but I am a bit worried as to how to deal with this. There is no going back but if anyone has any tips to conquer this potty fear, I would be very grateful.

Day One

>Gina Ford instructions (simplified!)- sit them on the potty every 15 minutes for 5-10 minutes, if they regularly go then lengthen these gaps.

The Boy woke bright and far too early this morning at 6.30am. Usually if I have a day off and the Boy wakes at such an ungodly hour, I feel 7 is far more sociable, then the Man will get him up and keep him occupied until he’s ready to go to work but in all the potty training excitement I rushed downstairs to ensure the Man didn’t put a nappy on him!

We did have a slight moment where he said “I want a nappy” but thanks to the Man suggesting I sing the Potty Song (because the Boy loves singing) he was soon happy to sit down on it while I frantically searched my brains for some words to fit the occasion. The best I could come up with was

“you’re sitting on the potty
because you’re a big boy now
do your wees and poos on the potty
and we will all say wow”

So, first pant choice of the day – Toy Story. Here is our potty training chart, not a bad day I reckon. And to be fair to the Boy the two accidents were due to me not paying full attention to him at that moment in time. He spent a lot of the day sat on the potty drawing, reading, watching TV, singing, even dancing on the potty but the biggest achievement was his 4.10pm visit where he wasn’t sitting on the potty and he quickly went over to it – choosing to sit on the potty to do something is 2 stars, if I tell him to and he produces, that’s 1 star.