Reliving the newborn stage

Today I am 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant, therefore avoiding any unforeseen scenarios involving stubborn foetuses unwilling to vacate the premises, within 6 weeks there will be a new person in our lives and living with us in the outside world.

This prospect both excites and petrifies me. Continue reading

Rock My Frock

When Jay Mountford asked me on Twitter to share a picture of my wedding dress with her, I thought, why not share it with everyone! I loved my dress and felt amazing wearing it. It is a Maggie Sottero dress but I had it altered slightly to take out the privacy panel at the back to make it a bit more revealing Рit was a civil ceremony. Jay is currently offering a Rock the Frock photography package to let you show it off all over again and I am very tempted but first got to pop out a baby and then fit myself back into it!

I would love to see other peoples dresses to so I have added a linky tool at the bottom of this post – please add your Rock My Frock post to it!

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>My amazing boys

>I have been working late a lot recently closing a deal at work and have had to miss the Boys bedtime on too many occasions. I am very lucky not only to have a wonderful supportive husband who takes care of the Boy most nights but he also does this…

I am keeping this for whenever I need a pick me up!

>Silent Sunday – while Daddy played Golf


Silent Sunday

>Sleep is overrated but I’ll tell you what’s not…

>There is one topic which unites parents all over the world and divides them from their non-parent counterparts, who cannot fathom the obsession they have with the topic – sleep or lack thereof. After nine months of pregnancy and the perfect picture you paint in your head about life with a baby, it comes as a shock when your beautiful bundle of joy decides to sleep all day and keep you awake all night. Mix that with the hormones raging through your body and its a good job Mother Nature made our memories so bad thus prolonging the existence of human kind.

As any self surviving creature of this world I have learnt to adapt to my new Boy centered environment. Pre-Boy if we had a late night or slept badly on a school night, a luxurious long lie in until 12pm was a norm but now a luxurious long lie in is defined as post-7am. Occasionally a bad night might warrant a tag team nap but it has to be really bad now I am back at work as we like to maximise family time at the weekend.

The world is quite a backwards place really, enabling us to maximise sleep when all we have to take care of is ourselves and yet when little darlings come into our lives, not only is our time forever occupied, but sleep is a precious commodity that rises in elusiveness at the same rate as the price of oil. Why is life thrown into chaos, needing to make and feed three messy meals a day (when honestly, I can survive on one meal and a packet of biscuits), and running around the house protecting all your worldly assets from grubby mitts and dangers at every turn, whilst at the same time we have even less time to recuperate.

Looking back to my pre-Boy life, I should apologise to my mind and to my bed, both of whom would face my wrath if they didn’t switch off or be comfortable enough for me to sleep. Boy was I being greedy, I realise now that sleep actually is over-rated  and the most heavenly thing is just being able to lie down, listen to the sound of nothing and relax in my glorious bed, sleep is only a bonus.

>The Power of Love, through scent

>Today the Man and I took a day off work, sent the Boy off to his childminders and had a day of fun – tennis, massage, swim, sauna and afternoon tea, you get the idea. It was lovely, and now we are just waiting for the babysitter before we head off to the cinema.

This morning, I got ready as usual to go out but instead of using one of my everyday perfumes, I sprayed on my wedding perfume and closed my eyes while the memories flooded back. The apartment where I got ready before the wedding with my best friend pulling the corset, waiting outside the ceremony room for my dad to bring me my bouquet (which I forgot). Then my darling husband came downstairs wearing his scent, put them together and they are the smell of my happiness (alongside the smell of the top of the Boys head). Our amazing and beautiful wedding and stunning honeymoon in Hawaii. 
The point of this post is not to show off about my wonderful day or special wedding and honeymoon, although so far it may appear that way, but to highlight the power of smell and how it can evoke memories and feelings as though you were back when they happened. I am so grateful that someone (can’t remember who) recommended this to me and that during our wedding day and honeymoon we only wore these perfumes to cement the memories. Now we only wear them for special dates where it is just the two of us.
As if we were a fashion magazine:
She wore: Body Shop, Vanilla
He wore: Mont Blanc, Starwalker