Listography – Decisions

I haven’t done a Listography for a while but I couldn’t resist this one. I really believe in this Sliding Doors concept and sometimes wish I had a crystal ball to see what might have happened if I took the other path. Luckily I am very happy with my life so no regrets about anything but I can’t help but wonder sometimes, what if.

From Kate – This week Listography is inspired by the amazing Christine Mosler at Thinly Spread. If you have been living under a rock with an eye patch on each eye and bananas in your ears you may not have heard about the Save the Children ‘No Child Born To Die’ campaign. If this is the case please click this link immediately to sign the petition before coming back here to read on.

So here are mine:

Going to Bradford University

When I was younger, I wanted to be a childrens TV presenter or a newsreader, I always was a show off! I got a place on a Broadcast Journalism course at Falmouth College but when I went to visit I wasn’t convinced that it was the right place for me and I was a bit concerned that the course would be fun to do but not lead anywhere. So I decided to see what else was out there and eventually decided on the Business and Management, course for people who don’t know what they want to do with their life, at Bradford. And it was fab – new friends, drinking, boys, drinking, currys, drinking, you get the idea. But most importantly it set the path for my whole life today, I met my husband there and got myself onto a Banks graduate programme which has led me to my current career. If it weren’t for Bradford University who knows where I would be – CBeebies I guess!

Having the Boy

He was not a planned baby so when we found out I was pregnant we were shocked. We had only been married 9 months but we have a nice, if a bit small, house and good jobs each, so although we were in a good position to have children we just hadn’t considered it happening yet. I think, of all the decisions the Man and have made in our life together, this one was was the quickest and the quietest – it was a look, a holy hell what’s happened here look, what are we going to do and then a nod in agreement – it took all of about 5 seconds. Hands down, best decision EVER!

Charting my fertility

I am a control freak and if I am going to do something I like to get it done and I research things a lot. So when the Man and I agreed to have Baby number 2 I went to find out how to get pregnant – honestly there are ways and means! Charting is monitoring various aspects of your body to predict when you will ovulate so you can time SWI (sex with intent for those non-Mumsnetters!) Lets face it, we’ve been married 4 years and have a toddler who wakes in the night occasionally, every day was just not going to happen! I loved charting, partly because it made me feel a bit more in control of the process but mainly because I learnt some fascinating new things about how our bodies work. For example, did you know that after ovulation your body temperature goes up by 0.1-0.3 degrees and then drops back down when you get your period. I am in awe of how clever our bodies are and feel enlightened for having learnt it. Oh and it helped me get pregnant so was also successful.

Joining a Tennis Club

I am useless at exercise, it bores me, but I have always enjoyed sports. Since the Boy was born I haven’t been able to play much as it would require a babysitter and we don’t have many local friends so last Summer I took the plunge and turned up to the local tennis club and asked to join. It was a bit scary but I am really pleased I did it, I am not very good  (although improving thanks to my 21 year old cute instructor) but I can see myself getting better which gives me Wimbledon hopes yet. The pregnancy is going to stop me playing at some point but I hope it will only be a 6 month break or so.

Writing this post

If I hadn’t, you might not be reading and I will have missed out on your lovely comments below! 😉

>Listography goes retro

>Ohh sweets, I just love them. They are so bad but so good and god forbid if anyone tried to give my 2 year old Boy sweets I would throw a mentos in a bottle of diet coke type explosive hissy fit as sweets are bad, but not for me. I am a grown up and allowed to break the rules. So, thanks KateTakes5, good choice!! Here goes:

  1. Strawberries, the ones that are a little bit waxy. I loved biting into these and the way they kind of stick to your front teeth.
  2. Flying saucers: a melting mix of sweet paper and sherbet.
  3. Popping candy – sweets that make fizzes and pop in your mouth, so clever and entertaining. Going aaahhhh “an u ear it” was a favourite childhood activity.
  4. Any fizzy sweets, sugar on top of sugar. What’s not to love?
  5. Tom Thumb drops – I only got 30p a week to spend on sweets as a child (Friday was sweet day) so I always tried to choose the miniature ones that would last even longer.

>7 things you didn’t know about me

>I could never resist a good gossip so when Curtains for the window, Mummy from the heartGhostwritermummySAHMlovingitLa douce vie and Super Amazing Mum included me in their chain blog, and didn’t threaten my love life to implode if I didn’t partake, I started to think. I mean I could actually say anything because there is not much you could know about me considering I have been blogging for 2 weeks but I will try to make them something that I wouldn’t usually disclose on the blog.

So here goes:

  1. I love love love Home and Away.
  2. I was a backing singer on the Ant and Dec 2002 World Cup song, “We’re on the ball”. The FA invited some fans, piled us with beer and placed the microphone on the other side of the room. I cannot sing but I have enthusiasm. So now I tell people, I have a number two single!
  3. I once caused six armed police cars to block off a road and storm a house because of a man with an air gun doing target practice. In my defence, he was wearing a balaclava.
  4. I was on a breastfeeding documentary with my son when he was 10 weeks old and my breastmilk was the fattiest.
  5. I once cried at the Simpsons.
  6. I was the May Queen when I was 12 for our local church and all the other children had to dance around the Maypole with me sitting on a throne.
  7. I once drank 5 litres of beer at a German beerhouse followed by schnapps, met it again the next morning (along with my pill!), came home hungover, seduced the Man and conceived the very unplanned boy.

And now for my nominees to carry the baton, I will not use anyone who already nominated me because they are named first!


>Listography – Top 5 places I’ve visited

>I hadn’t intended to partake in Listography every week but this is one I couldn’t resist, a chance to put down onto paper some of my happiest memories. Holidays really are a special time for me and the Man (and now with the Boy), we always have an amazing time together. So, here goes:

The Man’s one and only job for the wedding was to organise the honeymoon and make it a surprise. This didn’t work entirely according to plan as, despite telling the company it was a surprise, they sent the confirmation letter in an envelope with “Great Hawaiian Vacations” printed in huge font on the front. But as you can imagine, I wasn’t too upset by that spill! Hawaii is simply stunning.
I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant in March 2008, two weeks before a long planned trip to India which we decided to cancel. As our last ever holiday as a two-some I didn’t want to take the risk of going somewhere unknown so we returned to Barbados, having visited first in 2006. I love Barbados, there isn’t much to do but the beaches are gorgeous, the food is yummy (think fresh fish and jerk chicken) and the people are lovely. Chatting to the Australian Cricket Team in the sea was also a perk.
Mwnt, Wales
In May we stayed at the Toddler-tastic Clydey Cottages in Pembrokeshire (found through my new favourite website Baby Friendly Boltholes) and discovered the stunning, Mwnt beach. This was our first proper British holiday and, as a sun and beach worshipper, I had my reservations about how much I would enjoy it. If you recall, the May half term week had some scorching weather so we were able to take advantage of that and go to the beach most days. When we got to Mwnt beach I could have sworn I was back in Hawaii, although it was a tad cooler. There is a lovely little wading pool which the boy loved, golden sands, clear (but bloody freezing!) sea and an ice cream stand just up some steps. To top it all off we saw Dolphins (yes those almost mystical animals that are meant to be in tropical places like Florida) swimming in the bay. If I hadn’t seen it myself, I would never have believed it!
The Man and I went here straight after University. I had my worst holiday experience ever here so it is a testament to the beautiful country (and the gorgeous Man) that it still makes my top 5. We island hopped and supersonic red bull-ed our way around the country for five weeks. My highlights were; doing some form of Tai Chi at 5am in a Bangkok park with a group of Thai’s (we started drunk and ended chilled!); the man and I daring each other to eat our way through an assortment of deep fried, soy sauce coated bugs on the Khao San Road in Bangkok; partying all night at the Full Moon Party and; dancing in a monsoon rain storm with the Man. And thanks to the motorcycle accident (see above ref to Worst Holiday Experience Ever) I now carry a piece of Thailand with me wherever I go, some little stones still embedded in my palm.
The skies over Oxford
So you might think this one is cheating but once again, this is my blog so I can! The Man and I did a charity skydive somewhere near Oxford about 6 years ago and it was the most amazing experience of my life. I was strapped to a man (and it was quite apt because he was a strapping man!), hauled into a small plane and taken up thinking why am I doing this and please can I go back, but alas there was no door on the plane so no one heard my pleas. I had no idea how to mentally make myself jump out of a plane but thankfully that decision was taken out of my hands as the strapping man shuffled us to the edge and before I had the chance to beg for mercy we were out and falling, fast. The freefalling (from 12,000 feet) was thrilling and very noisy but once the parachute opened there was this complete calm and silence like I have never experienced and as we slowly floated down over England I realised what a beautiful and green country we live in. It was the biggest adrenaline rush of my life (and yes, that is me!)
Thanks to Kate Takes 5 for creating Listography!

>Belated Listography – because I can!

>I have just found Kate takes 5 Listography via twitter, yes I know it is a week old which in the virtual world is like three trillion decades BUT I am not witty enough to think of 5 decent dinner party guests, so I want to do last weeks one and because its my blog, I can and SO THERE (yes I still quite haven’t grown out of my toddler/teenager tantrums, I now just have a two year old to compete with).

So, My Top 5 Good Things About Having Children are

  1. The kisses and cuddles I can demand and usually get and if not, my made up song to the words of “just one cornetto, give it to me” (“just one kiss, give it to me….”) usually does the trick, I don’t know why but I think my son has learnt at a young age that you just need to get Embarrassing Mummy to just shut up as soon as possible.
  2. Singing nursery rhymes out loud and blaming it on the boy. I knew I was a mother the day I was unwittingly singing (with actions!), The Grand Old Duke of York, to myself in the shower and kept on even when I realised because it is FUN.
  3. People saying how cute the boy is (and they aren’t biased!) and me smiling from ear to ear thinking “thank you, I made him”.
  4. Shopping for clothes and never having to worry that they won’t suit him because a podgy tummy looks cute on him.
  5. Learning that it is possible for someone to keep you up all night screaming in your face and kicking you and they would only have to give you one smile to melt your heart and for you to forgive all.

And boy do I love him an indescribable amount 🙂