>Farewell to an era

>On Thursday afternoon I had hand surgery to remove two stones from my hand embedded there since a motorbike accident in Thailand eight years ago. Although I can now clap without fear of the stones jabbing into me I will miss my little quirk and way to entertain small children. It has made me realise how much of my life the stones have been present for and how I will miss them. So, my tribute to my stones and the memories we have shared:

  • Moving into my first flat with the Man after university, it was tiny but it was ours and celebrating it by breaking the bed.
  • Working in the City, so much fun in my early twenties, far too much wine and not enough sleep.
  • The Man proposing to me in Richmond Park and the only time in my life I have been speechless (I had to nod yes).
  • Our beautiful wedding in Cornwall where the sun shone down on us and we were surrounded by all of our family and friends and I was made to feel so special.
  • The positive pregnancy test at 11pm after three pints and the subsequent breakdown in a Tesco toilet.
  • The birth of the Boy and the agony I went through to get him out followed by pure amazement at what we had created.
  • So many Boy moments that have filled my heart with pride and happiness.
  • And a memorable last day together.

So goodbye dear friends, whilst you live on in a plastic pot I feel our relationship will not be the same again. I will miss you and think of you when I see my two scars.

>Listography – Top 5 places I’ve visited

>I hadn’t intended to partake in Listography every week but this is one I couldn’t resist, a chance to put down onto paper some of my happiest memories. Holidays really are a special time for me and the Man (and now with the Boy), we always have an amazing time together. So, here goes:

The Man’s one and only job for the wedding was to organise the honeymoon and make it a surprise. This didn’t work entirely according to plan as, despite telling the company it was a surprise, they sent the confirmation letter in an envelope with “Great Hawaiian Vacations” printed in huge font on the front. But as you can imagine, I wasn’t too upset by that spill! Hawaii is simply stunning.
I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant in March 2008, two weeks before a long planned trip to India which we decided to cancel. As our last ever holiday as a two-some I didn’t want to take the risk of going somewhere unknown so we returned to Barbados, having visited first in 2006. I love Barbados, there isn’t much to do but the beaches are gorgeous, the food is yummy (think fresh fish and jerk chicken) and the people are lovely. Chatting to the Australian Cricket Team in the sea was also a perk.
Mwnt, Wales
In May we stayed at the Toddler-tastic Clydey Cottages in Pembrokeshire (found through my new favourite website Baby Friendly Boltholes) and discovered the stunning, Mwnt beach. This was our first proper British holiday and, as a sun and beach worshipper, I had my reservations about how much I would enjoy it. If you recall, the May half term week had some scorching weather so we were able to take advantage of that and go to the beach most days. When we got to Mwnt beach I could have sworn I was back in Hawaii, although it was a tad cooler. There is a lovely little wading pool which the boy loved, golden sands, clear (but bloody freezing!) sea and an ice cream stand just up some steps. To top it all off we saw Dolphins (yes those almost mystical animals that are meant to be in tropical places like Florida) swimming in the bay. If I hadn’t seen it myself, I would never have believed it!
The Man and I went here straight after University. I had my worst holiday experience ever here so it is a testament to the beautiful country (and the gorgeous Man) that it still makes my top 5. We island hopped and supersonic red bull-ed our way around the country for five weeks. My highlights were; doing some form of Tai Chi at 5am in a Bangkok park with a group of Thai’s (we started drunk and ended chilled!); the man and I daring each other to eat our way through an assortment of deep fried, soy sauce coated bugs on the Khao San Road in Bangkok; partying all night at the Full Moon Party and; dancing in a monsoon rain storm with the Man. And thanks to the motorcycle accident (see above ref to Worst Holiday Experience Ever) I now carry a piece of Thailand with me wherever I go, some little stones still embedded in my palm.
The skies over Oxford
So you might think this one is cheating but once again, this is my blog so I can! The Man and I did a charity skydive somewhere near Oxford about 6 years ago and it was the most amazing experience of my life. I was strapped to a man (and it was quite apt because he was a strapping man!), hauled into a small plane and taken up thinking why am I doing this and please can I go back, but alas there was no door on the plane so no one heard my pleas. I had no idea how to mentally make myself jump out of a plane but thankfully that decision was taken out of my hands as the strapping man shuffled us to the edge and before I had the chance to beg for mercy we were out and falling, fast. The freefalling (from 12,000 feet) was thrilling and very noisy but once the parachute opened there was this complete calm and silence like I have never experienced and as we slowly floated down over England I realised what a beautiful and green country we live in. It was the biggest adrenaline rush of my life (and yes, that is me!)
Thanks to Kate Takes 5 for creating Listography!