Thinking Big Supporting Small – Arcadian House

I am very pleased to introduce to you Arcadian House. Claire Tristram, mum of two, took a huge gamble leaving a job in property management to pursue her dream of working for herself in a creative industry. I am inspired by anyone who makes such a life changing decision in order to achieve a happier work life balance for all the family. As such I am pleased to support Claire in my Thinking Big Supporting Small campaign and I hope you will have a look at her website. Continue reading

Thinking Big Supporting Small – Munchkins and Poppets

I am very pleased to introduce to you Munchkins and Poppets, a fantastic shop selling  a range of baby and toddler items run by mum of three, Helen. I have chosen Helen to be  the next beneficiary of my Supporting Small Businesses campaign as we have spoken on twitter on numerous occasions and apart from the fact she seems lovely, Helen told me that she is struggling to get the business to take off and was hoping something like this could give it a kick start. So please visit Helens website and have a look around. Continue reading

Thinking Big Supporting Small

I am very pleased to introduce to you When I Was a Kid, a fantastic toy shop run by father to two Paul Warner. I have chosen Paul to be the first beneficiary of my Supporting Small Businesses campaign as he gave me the idea, inadvertently I might add. Paul, as with many small businesses sometimes Continue reading

Supporting small businesses

I started blogging in January as I was feeling very uncertain about my life, specifically my career and I thought it would be a good way to find ideas to start my own business. Since finding out I am pregnant I have decided to put this on hold but maybe I’ll think about a new business idea in the future.  Continue reading