Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Recipe – the Best Salad in the World…. EVER

I love salad, this is all my mothers fault as she served salad up with every meal, be it an omelette, jacket potatoes or a roast dinner with gravy. She loves the stuff and has passed this on to me. On my travels to restaurants and other countries I do believe I have now perfected my basic salad recipe and thought I would share my many years salad searching experience with you. By basic salad I mean ones that are used to accompany meals and not as a main meal.


For a good salad there are some ingredients which are optional and some which are absolutely necessary to elevate your salad to a whole new taste dimension. If possible all ingredients should be organic and seasonal for optimal taste.

My staple ingredients are:

  • little gem or romaine lettuce leaves
  • tomatoes
  • cucumber
  • red onion or spring onion
Optional (but yummy) ingredients of which you can use some or all, are:
  • fennel
  • blanched green beans
  • slice radish
  • chicory
  • beetroot (not the pickled stuff but roasted or boiled fresh ones)
Key ingredients which will turn this into the Best Salad in the World EVER:
  • olive oil – it must be good quality, I cannot stress the importance of this enough, it is the defining ingredient. This one from Waitrose is very expensive but you only use it for salads / dipping bread / drizzling over cooked food so it will last a long time. (Tip – buy your olive oil when in Europe, it’s miles cheaper)
  • a big squeeze of fresh lemon juice or very good quality balsamic vinegar depending on your preference, I personally love lemon juice
  • a good handful of fresh herbs chopped – my favourites are parsley, mint and chives
  • sea salt and freshly cracked pepper
Et voila…