My Bump

As already announced on my blog I am really really really REALLY excited to be expecting our second child which is due on the 4th November 2011, just six days before the Boy’s 3rd birthday. Funnily enough I don’t think we will plan a party this year!  To keep a track of my pregnancy I thought it would be fun to keep tabs on a few different things. These are: cravings, symptoms, weight and bump. Based on these it would be great if you could predict what I am going to have – just for fun of course!
Weeks 4-6

I didn’t have any symptoms or cravings in the first few weeks and became quite concerned that I actually was pregnant or that I might have another miscarriage but a scan at 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant confirmed a lovely strong heartbeat.

Pre-pregnancy weight – 11 stone

Weeks 7-11

Symptoms have kicked in with avengence. I am shattered and not hungry but if I don’t eat I feel sick so I have to force myself to eat something every two hours.

Cravings – fruit, salad, burgers, crisps (especially wotsits and worcestershire sauce french fries).

Symptoms – overwhelming tiredness, very slight nausea at smells, very tender breasts, needing to wee a lot, thirsty.

Weight – 10 stone 8 oz

Weeks 12 – 16


The tiredness and sickiness seems to have gone now and I have much more energy. Growing lots in the tummy area and finally outed myself at work by wearing a tight maternity dress.

Cravings – fruit, yoghurt, Wagamamas, Chinese food, calippo’s, apple juice

Symptoms – mild heartburn, sore breasts, thirsty

Weight – 10 stone 12oz

Weeks 16 -20

These have probably been the easiest weeks so far and we had a lovely relaxing holiday which helped. I am getting much bigger now and more noticeable (although still not enough for people to give me a seat on the train).

Cravings – fruit, fish, seafood, cereal, crisps, salt.

Symptoms – cramp in calves, bad back, tired more easily, shooting pains in abdomen.

Weight – 11 stone

Weeks 20 – 30


My tummy seems to have reached its capacity now (was always quite wobbly!) so now the baby is just stretching my skin until it feels like its going to burst. Unfortunately I get stretch marks very easily so I am firmly in the tankini camp now and forever more. I can’t see my lady area anymore which is somewhat unnerving but I hope this won’t be forever. Its amazing what you forget from the first time round.

Probably the most exciting thing is that movements are very definitely movements now. I think I was feeling something from 17 weeks but wasn’t really sure but by 20 weeks it became clear there was something inside me. Once I started feeling the movements they were really noticeable and so it wasn’t long until the Man could feel it too. Since then this baby hasn’t stopped, I am sure it is much more active than the Boy ever was and at times it is quite uncomfortable. I love feeling it move though, there is something so special about that unique feeling.

Cravings: hot milk, cereal, red meat (real aversion to chicken)

Symptoms: cramps in calves, occasional bad back when I overdo it, being kicked in the ribs, stitch like pain when I walk.

Weight: 11 stone 8oz

9 Responses

  1. I love your new page! It’s brilliant and nice that you’ve added other bits about your pregnancy! xxx

  2. Thanks! I was just admiring your Bump Watch too – I need to be more regular in taking pics of mine!

  3. Such a chic bump! XX

  4. Thanks Luce – I think its quite neat at the moment because I have lost weight but not sure how long that will last!!

  5. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I’m due on the 6th November! Thanks for joining my blog hop hopefully we’ll all be able to share lots of useful tips. Now following you too x

  6. Thanks for joining the blog hop again. Would be really grateful if you share a pregnancy tip with us. You can just leave a comment on my blog thanks xx

  7. You look amazing! Not long now. xx

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