Potty Diaries

The Boy is now almost 2 and a half and whilst I love my reusable nappies I am not so keen on the contents and I really think he is ready to potty train, albeit probably a bit too lazy to use his own initiative. I think that’s the male of the species for you.

As I work 4 days a week I have taken this week off so I only have a week to get this cracked. I could have left it up to his childminder to do things over a period of months but I felt that was cheating a little and as he is my first born child I thought I should be the one to do it. So here we are, Tuesday 26th April 2011, armed with my guru Gina Ford’s Potty Training in One Week, two potties, stickers, chocolate raisins and a mega selection of themed pants. And we’re off….

Daily Diary

Day Three – Thursday 28 April 2011

Day Four – Friday 29th April 2011

Day Five – Saturday 30th April 2011

Day Six – Sunday 1st May 2011

Two weeks on – Monday 9th May 2011

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