Travel Reviews

I live for holidays or rather, I work for holidays. I was very lucky to have a father who loves travelling and he took me to many places as a child (America, India, Greece, Portugal, Spain, France) which fuelled my passion for travel and seeing new places. Although this blog started as a parenting site I really want to include this page on travel reviews, not only to help other travellers but to record our holidays.

Please do feel free to ask any further questions of anything I haven’t covered. I have not been paid or offered anything for these reviews and all opinions are my own and those of the Man and Boy.

Thanks for reading.

August 16 – August 28 2012: Elounda, Crete

June 11 – June 24 2011: Martinhal Resort, Portugal

August 14 – August 28 2010: Caserio del Mirador, Spain

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for taking the time to write your review – we are off to Martinhal on the 22nd September for our first family holiday abroad. Our baby will be 10 months. I am in two minds about using the creche/babysitting although this facility was one of the main reasons we booked Martinhal! Did you prebook the creche/babysiting or sort it when you got to the resort?

    • We pre-booked some sessions but then mixed it around a bit when we were there, they were very flexible with this and we just booked or cancelled a day or so in advance. The babysitting we booked 48 hours before. Our experiences of both these childcare provisions were very good. Enjoy your holiday!

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