Easy peasy yummy scrummy fish finger recipe

Yes fish fingers are in every supermarket freezer cabinet and very easy to pick up and throw in your shopping trolley but in my opinion this recipe is just as easy and much more delicious, so delicious that the Boy now scorns Captain Birdseye when presented to him. So skip the freezer aisle and give these a try, I promise you and your kids will love them.

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Find the Rhyme with TopToyBox

The Boy is a genius, at least I think so (as does the Man)! He doesn’t really enjoy playing with toys for any length of time and has always been more interested in books and more lately the TV and computers (sigh). About six months ago he suddenly “got” jigsaws and since then there has been no stopping him. He has single handedly completed a 150 piece jigsaw for ages 8+ (my chest is proudly puffed out writing that). Continue reading